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Rapid Rung - 2 step swim ladder

The Rapid Rung is a self stowing swim ladder that is always ready to make entering a raft, boat or dock from the water easy for everyone. Pull down, step up, get in and forget about it! The grip tape and self retracting steps make foot entrapment unlikely and the ladder will not twist when under load. The Rapid Rung uses 1/8” 2000lb test rope that holds the heaviest of swimmers yet can be cut in an emergency. Cold water and exhaustion make it hard to get back out of the water. Strap the Rapid Rung on to your boat, dinghy raft or dock and never have to worry if you  will be able to climb back out of the water after an intended, or.... unintended swim.

 2 step model recommended for inflatable tubes 22" and smaller, hard boats with sides smaller than 22" or docks less than 24" high.


-14”x 5 ¾” stowed

-14”x 24” fully deployed

-Furniture grade PVC rungs with no slip grip tape

-2000 LB test rope

-Made in the USA


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