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I injured both wrists in a motorcycle accident last year. Even with physical therapy and regaining strength in my arms I'm still limited due to decreased range of motion and  flexibility in each wrist.  The Rapid Rung makes it possible for me to quickly and safely re-enter my raft without having to rely on brute strength.  Additionally, my kids love it because they can get in the  raft on their own without waiting for assistance from me.  Overall I'd  say it's a great addition to any raft set-up.  I bought one for my wife and she loves it,  now my dad said he wants one too.  So be looking out for another order shortly.
All the best,
Casey V.

I wanted to let you know that I recently purchased one of your Rapid Rungs and put it on my raft for the first time last weekend.  My 16 y.o son and I floated the Snake through Hell's Canyon and were dump-trucked in Waterspout Rapid.  I was tossed away from the raft but my son was able to grab the Rapid Rung, climb back on, quickly grab  the oars and pull over to wait for me to get to the raft. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the product!  Robert

The Rapid Rung is an amazing product.  I cannot stress enough that it allows for self-rescue, which is particularly relevant in heavy whitewater scenarios where a boatman cannot safely leave the oars to assist a swimmer back into the boat.  Each time I head to the river be it a lazy day with the family, a fishing trip or a big whitewater trip my boat is rigged with the Rapid Rung.  Perry

I use the Rapid Rung on every trip.  It’s there for a tipover, mine or others.  It’s there for swimmers on hot days, including for small children and over-large adults that I couldn’t haul in by myself.  An essential tool for convenience and safety.  Earl