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Rapid Rung faq's

Pull down, step up, get in and forget about it!  The Rapid Rung is simple to use.  Swim over to the ladder, reach up to the bottom rung, grasp it and pull down.  Set your foot on the bottom rung which will hold it down and climb up as you would on any ladder.  The Rapid Rung will retract, putting itself away as you step up and into the boat.

The Rapid Rung comes with two slots in the top for straps.  Strap the Rapid Rung around your frame,  D rings  or a combination to get it right for your application. In whitewater where a flip is likely, attach the Rapid Rung near the midpoint of the tube ( between the waterline and the top of the tube) for easiest entry to an upside down boat. The easiest way to rig the ladder at the midpoint on row boats is to run a strap around the frame and then both ends of the strap through a d-ring or handle and then attach to the rung.  Repeat on the other side. This keeps the rung from being under the boat in a flip.  On a paddle boat the rung is best attached to a handle and a d ring or 2 d-rings.  The d rings must be properly attached to the boat and be able to handle the weight of the ladder and the person climbing it.  Only you can decide the best and safest application for your use. Check out the gallery to see some rigging pics or the video page to see the ladder rigged to flip and in action.

 The Rapid Rung has been tested on 300 lb swimmers and has been abused beyond the scope of use without fail to date.  The Furniture grade PVC is more abrasion, impact and UV resistant than regular plumbing PVC.  The rope is 2000 lb test and very abrasion resistant.  One test model has more than 3000 cycles on it and is still retracting beautifully.  In the event a rope on the ladder needs to be cut, the Rapid Rung can be refurbished.  Check out the video section  to see some of the testing we went through.

Yes!  Kids love the Rapid Rung.  It makes swimming fun and easy since they can climb back in themselves. Children as young as 8 have been able use the ladder by themselves.  Let us know how old your kid was when  you got free from pulling them in every time they want to swim!

Can everyone you boat with climb in?  If not you can benefit from the Rapid Rung.  It keeps you from having to leave the oars or tiller, set down your paddle or beverage to pull people in the boat.  The Rapid Rung also makes entering the boat more controlled than the typical drag and flop.  The bumps and scrapes that happen when you climb in are greatly reduced.

The Rapid Rung is available in custom configurations of White, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink  and Purple.  All colors are not always available but we will do our best to make it happen for you.  Different color pipe costs more or less than others and the price will reflect that.  Call or email us today at rapidrung@raftfix.com to get a Rapid Rung swim ladder made just for you!

The Rapid Rung is very low maintenance.  If it is used in very dirty water it should be cycled several times in a clean water bath to rinse out debris and keep it working optimally.  Just like all your gear, silt sand and dirt will degrade it eventually.  In the event the Rapid Rung fails, it can be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost.

If you do manage to break the Rapid Rung, it can be refurbished.  Repairs deemed not to be a manufacturing defect will be charged a reasonable amount depending on what parts and how many of them are damaged.

Almost, but better. While end user function is the same, the Rapid Rung is the next generation.  It has been redesigned and refined  from the original model to be smoother, stronger and  more reliable as well as more economical.  

If you can climb 3 steps on a ladder, you can use the Rapid Rung to get back into the boat.

The Rapid Rung can harbor invasive species the same as any other piece of gear exposed to contaminated water.  Clean the Rapid Rung along with other gear by cycling it in clean disinfected water and allow it to dry before moving it between watersheds that may be infected. Refrain from using harsh chemicals that can degrade the rope and retraction system.